Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter again!

According to a few sources, its time to gear up for another round of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter -

I know that we've talked about it a few times at Couponning 101 workshops (click here to register for the next one), but unless there is another reason for me to go to HT, or I really need something that I can get really cheap with super doubles, I tend to avoid it... partly because my well laid out plans go awry not two minutes in the door when the first thing I want is not available... and partly because even the most well mannered cashiers can get frazzled during super doubles and triples...

There are a few really good deals this time - evidenced at Southern Savers, so I may try to head over and check a few things off my list... here are some rules for Super Doubles...

  1. HT will double Manufacturers coupons up to $1.98 in value, except BOGO and Free item coupons
  2. 20 coupons per Vic Card per day
  3. No more than two of the same type of internet printables (ie only two $1.50 off huggies printables) per transaction
  4. There is no overage - so some items will be free, but you can't make money on anything
  5. Remember to check your price books to make sure that buying a full price item with a Super Doubled coupon is a better deal than waiting for it to come on on sale or BOGO and using the same coupon (if you know from your tracking that its a posibility)
  6. Go in knowing that they will be out of something on your list - and if you really want it at the super double price, get a raincheck!
Are you going?  Are you looking for something specific?

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