Sunday, February 14, 2010

My first Blogging Award!

I have received awards on Acting Balanced but this is the first time the award has come for this new little blog!

I want to thank Hallee the Homemaker, who also gave me my first opportunity to guest post to her blog for:


Here are the rules for the award:  I’m to list ten things that make me happy and list five bloggers that brighten my day.  Those bloggers do the same thing, and pay this sweet prize forward!
So, in true couponning fashion, ten things that make me happy!

1. A BOGO FREE deal!
2. Having 2 coupons to use with the BOGO deal
3. Getting coupons in the mail
4. Hosting Couponning 101 workshops and meeting great new people!
5. FREE Groceries!
6. The day the INTERNET Printables get reset
7. 4 insert Sundays!
8. Unadvertised in store specials!
9. High value coupons
10. Sharing my couponning knowledge with you!

I'm passing this award on to bloggers from whom I have gotten tips to share with you, and since there are more than five, I'm going with all of them!

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