Monday, February 15, 2010

Homework Check in

For those who attended the COuponning 101 workshop a few weeks ago on James Island, and for everyone else, this is a check in to see how many of you have taken the time to contact one or more companies about their products - and to see if you've had results!

Since the workshop, I've received coupons and replies from three different companies - all thanking me for being a loyal customer and offering at least $1 off the next purchase of their product...

Remember - you can call or email to compliment, complain or suggest - they appreciate all of it.  If you haven't started yet, take three companies/brands that you are loyal to - and call them!  Don't specifically ask for coupons, but do give them a compliment, make a complaint or suggest an addition to their line or a way to do something with their product...

Reply here when you've done it and share your success!

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