Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ACE- Always Check Everything!

I know we all, especially those of us with little ones, can often be distracted in the check out line - but this is the LAST place you want to be distracted - especially at PUBLIX!

Machines are only as smart and as accurate as their programmers and so many products are only priced on shelves now, so it is important to know what the price of each item being scanned is supposed to be and watch for it...

EVERY STORE needs to price match to their shelves and failing that, the flyer, so if someone forgot to remove a tag from last week's sale - that's their problem... and if the cashier won't help you, ask for the manager.  You are relying on the shelves and signage for your prices....

PUBLIX does one better - the first one of the item you buy that scans at the wrong price is FREE and they will audit your bill to make the rest of them match the visable price!

Case in point today, I was shopping at the James Island Publix - because it was on my way somewhere and I needed bread, so I just poopped in , but couldn't resist their 50% off area because you never know what will be there... and found two different valentines candy packages marked down to $1.50 - I figured a good deal... so when I got to the cashier they rang in at $2.00 and $1.99 respectively and when I told the cashier, she called the manager over to make both FREE!

And FREE is good!

I was also shopping at Piggly Wiggly today, something I don't normally do, but was getting a few things with coupons to take advantage of their 1 greenbax per coupon deal... and I bought an item that should have rung up BOGO and rang up full price instead... because it wouldn't scan and the cashier manually entered it without taking into account the BOGO deal - I would have spent over $4 more than I had to!

My third trip was to Harris Teeter, which is normally great for me... but again, I knew my coupons and watched her scan them in - and lo and behold, she accidentally missed a $4 off coupon - which she had already put in her pouch!!! 

This doesn't always happen 3 x in a day, but it does happen more often than is caught, so ACE and be diligent about saving your money!

Comments are always welcome - please share your experiences!!!

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