Thursday, February 18, 2010

Publix Italian Days stock up! 18 items for $0.21 each

Get your coupons ready and head over to Publix to get some great deals on their Italian Days groceries...

Start by printing this .pdf

and lets figure out how we can get the most bang for our buck from the $5 off $20!

Progresso Soup, Progresso Broth, Progresso Bread Crumbs, Green Giant Canned Vegetables are all BOGO this week, which makes me think that the other featured products will be BOGO next week ??? (pure speculation on my part)

So this week - with printables only (see the links at Southern Savers... we can do the following deal:

12 Progresso Soups - use 2 $1.10/3 off printables and two $1.00/3 printables and three of the $1/4 printables for $13.74 cost, and $7.20 savings for OOP of $6.54

2 Progresso Panko Bread Crumbs - use 2 $1.10 printables for $1.83 cost, $2.20 savings for running cost of $15.47 and OOP of $6.17

2 Progresso broth - Use 2 $.50 off printables found through this link at I HEART PUBLIX  which double to $1.00 each for $2.29 cost and $.29 OOP for running cost of $17.76 and a running OOP of $6.46
You can now use a fourth $1/4 store coupon to bring your OOP to $5.46

Add in any other participating product (or print your coups from multiple computers) for $2.24 approx (if you have insert coupons you can use them to bring this deal down even further by matching them to your $2.24 spending... for this scenario I'm going to buy two more broth at $2.29/2 for $20.05 running cost and $8.75 OOP

Use $5 off $20 printable to bring your OOP to $3.75 + tax for 18 items or an OOP of $0.21 EACH!!!

Okay - lets sweeten the deal a little more - go through the ad at Southern savers and pick out $5 more in groceries you need and get them free by printing the RITE AID $5/$25 (if Rite Aid is a competitor)

Let me know how you do!

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