Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frugal dressing!

I made a fairly uncharacteristic purchase yesterday - I actually went shopping for 'not mommy clothes' - or specifically a top to wear with some cream coloured chiffon pants I unearthed when shopping in my own closet.. I am preparing to get gussied up for a trip to Bubbles and Sweets next Saturday night and I took advantage of the fact that Wayne had a meeting near the Tanger Outlets for a little me shopping (with the kids, but beggars can't be choosers)...

My thought was to find a dressy top and then a pair of metallic, but comfy wedges or flats that I could wear all summer cause I can't afford shoes for just one occasion... and its an outdoor thing so no way am I doing anything with a small heel...

I got:
A fabulous green pseudo-jacket with 3/4 sleeves in a satin fabric for $18.24 taxes included (70% clearance),
Pewter slip ons - $15.48 taxes included
so, with the additions of the pants and a cream cami from my closet, a vintage beaded cream and silver handbag (thanks Mom) and yet to be determined jewelry- probably pearls, my outfit will have cost... $33.72!!!  I will post a pic when I get everything including my make up together

Some tips for frugal clothing shopping -

1. Go with an idea of what you want, but don't be too specific (I almost told the salesperson that I didn't want to try on jackets)
2. Ask the sales person for help - they know what's in the store and also what's in back...
3. Inspect clearance merchandise thoroughly - I almost bought another top instead, but looking at the seams there were threads hanging and it was starting to deteriorate in places... making it a one and done garment at best...
4. Go with versatility if possible - when weighing your choices figure out what has potential to be worn again in different situations - the green jacket is light enough coloured for spring, but dark enough to be worn to a Christmas party if needed!

P.S. - for my readers in Charleston, if any of you are not Tanger Club members and want to be, I have ONE coupon to get your membership half off - that's $5 instead of $10 and its not an annual membership, its for life... and includes a tote bag every year, a $10 gift card on your b-day, a coupon book every time you go, mailings of all the coupons and promotions and for the other mommies with little ones - free strollers!

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