Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Buy or not Two Buy

I am going to advocate something that some people will think I'm crazy for saying - Buy TWO Sunday newspapers... my reason for this is multi- fold but basic...

  1. BOGO works best with  two coupons
  2. If you have a PUBLIX and plan to shop on Sunday and Monday, you can get the 1cent deal twice
  3. You will have more to trade
  4. If you are getting a great deal on one item, why not buy two?
If you look at my post from yesterday, you can see how you can get both papers free or nearly free if you use the Harvey's coupons and combine them with man. coupons and deals and then you will be set for weeks to come.

Don't forget to check out what manufacturers coupons are available this week here (Southern Savers)

If you are going to save more than $3.50 in coupons  (even without the 1 cent) by buying two, it will be worth it :)  Happy Couponning


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