Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting the most from Publix this weekend!

If you are near a Publix that honors all competitors coupons (Like the one at Main Road and Hwy 17 in Charleston/ Johns Island), you can do a lot with the available coupons from Food Lion and Harveys

Start with a $5 off $25 for Rite Aid printed from
Add a $2 off your Groceries from this .pdf (Southern Savers)
  •  Add any of the coupons that print with it 
    • $3 off $8 in Produce
    • $2 off $6 in Meat
    • $1 off $4 in Bakery/Deli
Add a $5 off your next shopping order from this .pdf (Southern Savers)

You have just saved at least $12 off your grocery order of $25 - if you can add in Manufacturers Coupons or other competitor coupons to make your list complete, you can enjoy even greater savings....

You can check out  or Iheartpublix for the manufacturer coupons that match their BOGO's and other sales for even more savings!

This combination of coupons is good until December 8th so happy Shopping!

BTW - check out the coupons for Sunday's Paper here (Southern Savers)

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

Ok - not my best ever trip (they were out of some of my freebies) but I got $34.27 worth of groceries, including steaks for dinner for $4.74