Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Years Challenge!

How much can you save?
Can you save 20%, 30%, 50% or more by couponning and shopping the sales?
In the last few weeks alone, I have saved almost 80% on my regular grocery bills and with the new freezer from The Santa Clauses (My inlaws), I am working on new ways to stockpile and save...

So the new year's challenge is to email me with your target savings before December 31st and then to email each week with your three totals - OOP (out of pocket), Savings and Total Retail value for your Grocery shopping in the month of January.  There is a $15 Publix gift card for the person who comes closest to their target savings and another $15 Publix gift card for the person who realizes the most savings overall!  (If you are a blog follower that is not in the Publix area, you may still enter and an alternate prize will be awarded)

You can email me at

The rules are as follows:
You may only enter one % savings guess
You must report your savings weekly and keep your receipts to share with others once you are determined to be the winner
You need to send your first email with your target savings % in this format:
Subject: NAME  % saved
Body: NAME, phone #, zip code, stores regularly shopped at, usual weekly grocery budget from 2009 (approx)
Weekly check ins: Must be received by Sunday midnight for inclusion in weekly leader board posting on Mondays, Subject: NAME
Body: Name, $OOP, $Saved, $Total Groceries (OOP + Saved)

If you have any questions, please ask them here or on the facebook fan site!

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