Friday, December 18, 2009

Building winning scenarios...

I don't reinvent the wheel when I shop for my best scenarios, but I do make use Southern Savers shopping lists to pick out the items on the list that I might want at each place I plan to visit each week.  The nice thing is that they print out with the coupon suggestions right on them.
Then I sit down with the list and my coupon binder and pull my coupon matches and highlight those items on my list.
Then I will go back to the Southern Savers page and click on the printable coupon links for the coupons I don't already have.
Then the fun begins, because I start to create both savings scenarios AND my meal plans for the week ahead.
My primary shop is Publix and my two big shopping days are Sunday and Monday because I always get the penny item and either use or share...
Ok, now to work up scenarios ...
I start with the best $ off $$ coupon I have available - this week it's $10 off $30 from World Market (until 12/19)
Then I pull all of my 'freebies' and 'money makers'
Then I pull my >1.00 OOP
Finally I use sort the rest of my options into need now, use later and filler only

Remembering that my target trip is $30 to use the $10 coupon and I can use the $10 off to offset any OOP, I get to work on my best options.

This week, my freebie is Betty Crocker potatoes (BOGO $1.59) and I found that I have 8 printables for $.40 each so that = $6.36 rung up and $6.40 in coupons for -$0.04
Another almost freebie I had was Birds Eye frozen Veg at 50% off - some are small OOP after coupons others are money makers, but I will get one at $2.39 original price and one at $1.79 original price (1.20 and .90 respectively) and use 2 0.50/1 coupons that I clipped for $0.10 OOP and Register 2.10 (running total  $0.06 OOP/reg $8.46)
I had also saved my International Coffee freebie from joining their FB fan page so I will use that for $1.99 and $0 OOP (running total $0.06 OOP/reg $10.45)
Mueller's Pasta is BOGO at $1.29 - $1.39 and I have a $1.00 off 2 whole wheat so I will buy 2 @1.39 for OOP .39 (running total $0.45 OOP/reg $11.84)
Oops found another freebie - Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa is BOGO at $1.99 and Target has a printable for $1.00 off one that I have so another $0 OOP, (running total $0.45 OOP/reg 12.84
Back to the nearly freebies
Kraft Philly Cream Cheese is $1.25 and there are printable and Greenwise magazine $1.00/1 coupons, and I have 2 of them, so OOP is $.50 and reg is $2.50 (running total $.95 OOP/reg $14.34)
Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken breasts are BOGO at $4.99 - there is a $1 Publix coupon in the Winter Savings booklet and online $1 coupons available - I have 2 of each, making 2 packages $.99 OOP and $4.99 reg (running total is $1.94 OOP /reg $15.33)
I need a gift for someone and Glade Fragrance Collection Candles are $8.49 - $3.50 printable and $4 publix store coup from Yellow Advantage flyer making it $.99 OOP and reg $8.49 (2.93 OOP/reg $23.82)
I can now buy about $7.00 in essentials that are not couponned this week....
I need eggs ($1.59), sugar ($2.49), bread ($2.49) and about 2 lbs of on sale sweet potatos ($.50) for a final reg of $30.89 and a final OOP before the $10 off coupon... of $10 give or take depending on the sweet potatos... for $0 OOP

Now - my trips are never perfect... they are out of something and I need a rain check, or at the last minute I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer to defrost and I add something... but that's how you can build your trip around your sales and coupons...

and the method I use to get there...
All of these sales run until Christmas Eve, and if you have a $5 off 25 or another competitor coupon you can work it out with that in mind... you can also plan it to spend $10-$20 OOP and include meat, milk and other essentials...

Another great scenario to do Meat and staples is to combine that $10 off $30 World Market coupon with a $7 or $10 Honey Baked Ham coupon and then coupon match for the rest of your deal, depending on the size of ham you want (at .99 a pound for Ham Shanks you can get a great meal with leftovers) and you wouldn't need as many freebies... try this one yourself and see how you do!

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