Monday, April 5, 2010

Couponning 101 - Taking Stock!

Do you know exactly what is in your pantry, in your cupboards and in the freezer?

Are you finding that you have more than a year's worth of free toothpaste in the bathroom, but you're running out of mouthwash because you forgot to buy enough?

This week's challenge is to take stock of your stockpile and make sure you are using your real estate wisely... make a list of items you have more than enough of... things that are maintaining and items that you could (with the right sale and coupons) use more of...

It's also a great time to spring clean and send some canned goods and toiletries you aren't going to use up to those who are less fortunate than you!  Food banks and shelters can always use our extras and freebies we thought we'd love...  do you really need 6 large containers of rolled oats?

Don't forget to watch for items that may be coming close to their best before dates!

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