Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reminder: Harris Teeter Triples

Here are a few tips and suggestions to make your Super Doubles week at Harris Teeter the best it can be....

1. Make sure you know the rules at your HT
  • Some stores limit the number of printable coupons to 2 per product per day, even if they come from different sites
  • All stores have a limit of 20 coupons per day
    • Prioritize - Free or nearly free with triples (.99 and under)
    • then use your sale matched triples (.99 and under)
    • then used your sale matched high value ($1.00 and over)
    • save your non sale matched high value coupons unless its a need it now!
  • Most stores will only take one coupon per BOGO offer - but you can buy just one and it will ring up at half price
  • Stores will not provide overage (so if you buy an item for $2.00 and use a $.75 off coupon, you will only get $2.00 off, there are no "money makers" at HT)
  • Make sure you read all the fine print on your coupons and get exactly the right size/color etc... they will be very strict with this.
2. Make sure that your tripled coupons make the offer a good deal...
  •  Are you actually going to use it?  Just because you have a coupon for it and the coupon is tripled, if you don't get it free, it's money out of pocket and space in the cupboard that you will waste...
  • A full price item at $4.99 with a $.75 off coupon that is tripled to $2.25 is net $2.74 OOP, but if you know that that product regularly goes on sale for BOGO  you can hold your coupon for the BOGO deal and get the same product for $1.00 OOP after $2.50 price and $,75 coupon value doubled to $1.50
  • Take contingency coupons... any item that is advertised on the websites as free after coups will fly off the shelves so plan to take 30 or more coupons to the store for your first trip to make sure you benefit from your trip
  • Ask your store staff when they restock the shelves... what day the trucks come in for the products you want to get free... and if they aren't getting things in when you will be able to go back, go to customer service and get a raincheck...
3. Go with a positive attitude...
  • The cashiers and staff are happy to help you to save money and its not their fault that the store sold out of all the freebies you wanted, that you brought too many internet coupons or that the product you are trying to get free is 1 oz below the stated limit on the coupon... so make sure you smile and thank them for what they do, even if you have a problem :)
  • Don't forget that you can ask for 'triple coupon' rain-checks and have them stamp your coupons to use later as triples if there is a product that is out of stock!

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