Friday, March 12, 2010

Get the Friday newspaper!

Okay - I don't normally advocate getting any paper other than Sunday's but today Harris Teeter has a flyer with $16.00 worth of coupons good this weekend only (Friday to Sunday) - one of my regular couponning friends did tell me that they state that they cannot be combined with manufacturer's coupons... but she is going to go to Publix today to see if they will take them as competitor's coupons!

What you get for your newpaper investment:

(4) .50 off any item, (4) 1.00 on items $2 or more, and (2) $5 off 40

If you can use these at Publix you may be able to use them with man. coupons  :)

If you do pick them up and use them this weekend, please let me know if you used them at HT, or Publix and what you saved with them!

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