Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friendy Wednesday - guest post - online deals

Every Wednesday, I hope to feature a different take on saving money or other couponning101 friendly blog - if you are interested in being a guest poster, please leave a comment and I will get in touch.

I'd like to thank Hillary Rubin of Schmutz in My Head for today's guest post

Get the Best Discounts Online
by Hillary L. Rubin of 
Schmutz in My Head

Hello. My name is Hillary ... and I love to shop. (Welcome, Hillary) I'll admit it, even though I work for an amazing e-commerce website that sells 
eyeglasses online, I love to shop from other places. I love online stores and offline stores. I like thrift stores and high-priced boutiques. My fashion sense may lack a bit sometimes but I'm normally the girl you go to for advice on fashion AND saving money.

Having stated that, I buy a lot of stuff online. I buy 
eyeglasses from the company I work for because I know they have great products and deals all over the internet. As the go to gal for getting the best deal, I am going to bring you to my first point - when shopping online, take your time and scour the internet for discounts. The web is your oyster, crack it open explore.

Next, take your time and write down all the discounts you see for the store you want to purchase from. Our 
glasses customers are quite savvy when it comes to finding the best discount for what they need and one of the tricks they use is to write down various discounts found on different coupon websites. Theses coupon sites will often receive
deals from companies that are exclusive to the site. These discounts will usually be higher than standard discounts given.

Additionally, many sites will post deals and discounts on their own website. We do it when it comes to selling 
prescription glasses. We will post deals on products and not share the discount with other mediums like coupon sites. We send out newsletters to customers letting them know we have new deal on the site - so I definitely recommend signing up for newsletters of your favorite stores.

I know, some of these seem very "common sense"-ish but you'd be surprised how much money people waste because they don't do their home work. Do the work and the math will follow.

Hillary Rubin is the director of marketing and special projects for and volunteers with the marketing efforts of She also manages two blogs of her own - Schmutz in my Head: a blog about life; and the ALMOST New Glasers: a blog about getting married. She loves to hear from readers and enjoys reading other blogs. Especially blogs about life AFTER marriage.

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