Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coupon Exchange Idea!

One of my friends from Moms Club has introduced me to great way to do a continuing coupon exchange with your friends!

All you need is:

A few other couponers
1 gallon size freezer bag per person
1 index card per person
something else for each person to take their swapped coupons home!

A bag or box to keep the bags in, and another bag or envelope for expired coupons to send to the troops...

How it works:

Each person brings their coupons to trade in their freezer bag and writes their name at the top of an index card and slips it in the bag.  You pass your bag to the next person and they write their name onto the index card and then go through the bag to take what they need...
This continues until everyone has gone through all the bags and taken what they need.. the coupons are then combined into one bag until the next time... invite more people to the table and they can start with the new coupon bags, but also go through any of the previous bag to find needed coupons... if you've already gone through you won't have to again... that's what the index cards are for - to make sure you know what bags you don't need to look through...

A couple of tips:

As you look through each bag -if you are first - pull any already expired coupons and set them aside for the Coupons for Troops program
If you are last - if there are coupons that will expire before you meet again, pull those too and put them into the expired coupons.

Our group has been meeting periodically - at other events or just getting together for lunch and passing the bags around :)

Do you participate in coupon exchanges?  How do you organize them?

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