Monday, February 22, 2010

Where do I keep my coupons?

Where do I keep my coupons?

I have a 2 part, 2 inch zipper binder with several binder pockets that velcro shut.  I keep a pair of scissors, some paperclips and extra envelopes in my binder.

It is divided this way: 
One binder pocket  for each of the following type of insert:
Red Plum
Proctor and Gamble / General Mills etc
Store hand-outs
Extras and trades (coupons that don't have a home)

I then use the other part of the binder for my printables... if I can, I print grocery coupons seperately then go back and print household coupons, then go back and print personal/drug coupons, then baby coupons, then my specialty coupons so that they print on different pages and finally I have a section for $ off $$ coupons

I then have dividers for these sections.

I don't cut any coupons until I have my shopping list made - I print my shopping list and then clip the coupons I want and put them all together in a final   .

I take my whole binder with me to the store on most occasions in case I find an unadvertised special or I just happen to find myself in need of a store...

I pull my expired coupons every few weeks and save them for the military program

How do you organize your coupons?  What do you like about it, dislike?

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