Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What not to do at the grocery store checkout

With coupon and saving addictions come the inevitable occasions when something just doesn't go right... so here are my top five things not to do at the check out...

1. Space out or search for aliens... 
keep an eye on your cashier and the screen, even if you're not couponning, the computer may ring up your items at the wrong price, s/he might scan something twice or forget to put a coupon in correctly... it pays to be diligent

2. Go to the 10 items or less aisle when you have 15 items plus coupons
We want to keep our store managers and cashiers happy with us

3. Expect everything to go smoothly at every transaction
Murphy's law says that the time it will go wrong is when you are already running late, with a crying/screaming child and a headache... but life happens

4. Get angry when something doesn't go smoothly.
If they won't take a coupon or a price doesn't scan right and your cashier is getting flustered, angry or rude, just politely ask that they suspend your transaction so you can speak to a manager - always get clarification from a manager if there is a change in the coupon policy or there is something that isn't right..
Keep smiling and be friendly with your cashiers and be PATIENT while they help you sort out your issue and remember to thank them even if it doesn't go your way...

5. Ignore your cashiers
Get to know your regular cashiers on a first name basis, trade couponning info or comment on a new product with them - open up the dialogue and be friendly!!! It will come back on you many fold as they get to know you too!

A bonus sixth- don't expect that you will be in and out quickly - if you have a ton of coupons and a ton of groceries, the process will take time... you can speed things along by organizing your coupons - putting BOGO and FREE coupons with the items that the cashier needs to note the price of, making sure you put those items at the end of the line if you are also planning to use a $/$$ coupon, and I try to separate my manufacturers coupons, competitor coupons and store coupons into separate piles...

Happy couponning!

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