Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oreo Cakesters!

The DOUBLE STUF makes it twice the treat.
Click here to try NEW DOUBLE STUF OREO CAKESTERS for $1.00 Off*!
Dear Couponning101,
What a delicious treat! Your friend Heather, a Kraft First Taste member, arranged for you to receive a $1.00 off* coupon to try new DOUBLE STUF OREO CAKESTERS. New from OREO CAKESTERS, the OREO of snack cakes. DOUBLE STUF OREO CAKESTERS is an exciting new treat for the whole family, with double the soft OREO créme, sandwiched between two rich, moist OREO chocolate cakes.
*All coupons are offered while supplies last. Offer expires 5/31/2010.

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