Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Bigger Always Better?

Especially as we approach Valentine's Day we know that good things can come in smaller packages .. the same holds true for keeping our shopping bills down...
I know that several people have told me that they go to Costco and buy the biggest package of X they can... and we've gotten into that mindset where if there's more in a package it must be cheaper, right?  It's not always...

Particularly when you are coupon shopping, its sometimes better to buy the smaller package twice and use two coupons than it is to buy a large package and only use one coupon.

I know that not all of you have kids in diapers, but for this scenario I'm going to use diapers as an example since they readily come in multiple sized packages and are easy to cost out per item...

Jumbo Pack Size 3 = 31 diapers, regular price about $12.00 = $.39 a diaper

Large Box = 116 diapers, regular price about $35.00 = $.30 a diaper

So if you are not couponning or shopping a sale, the better bet is the large box... but -

When you have access to multiple coupons and store sales, watch what can happen:

Jumbo Pack - $8.99 on sale, if you are shopping the Walgreen's sale this week and are paying $8.99 - $2 a package and get back $3 in RR - it works out to $3.99 net OOP or $.13 a diaper!  If you can find the Walgreens Childrens Activity Book, there is another $1 off coupon there for an OOP of $2.99 and $.10 a diaper - you can't beat that!!!

The same large box, with your $2 off coupon becomes $28.99 on sale at Target usually, so would be $26.99 after coupons or $.23 a diaper

Which one would you stock up on??

The same tends to be true for toiletries, paper products and most food items - if you are using coupons to their best advantage, you are probably buying more of the smaller boxes or cans.

Don't forget to use your price books to keep track of what you are buying and work out your cost/unit price... this is really what we are striving to reduce.... let me know how you do over the next few months - I'll be checking back :)

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