Sunday, January 3, 2010

Printable coupons

More than half the coupons I use at the grocery stores are printables... some stores have started limiting how many printables you can use for one product in one trip, but many are ok with all your printables, provided that they ARE printed and not copied...

Most printable sites let you have two impressions per computer in a given time period (many are monthly, but some are quarterly or per promotion)  The trick to maxing out your savings is PER COMPUTER - so you can print from home and work (provided you are allowed of course), from the old computer that the kids use (provided it still has internet access) etc... We have 3 computers so I can usually get 3 of each single impression and 6 of the allowed double impressions ... which certainly helps with stockpiling and saving...

The 3 big printable sites are:

There are also several regular printable manufacturer sites:

And of course there are good printables to be found at Grocers, Drug & other Stores: (sign up for their weekly newsletter) (sign up for their my bi-lo rewards) (sign up for their e-newletter)

Both and are great about linking to manufacturers and other one off promotions, so watch their links regularly to see what pops up!  The other thing is that many companies have started putting clickable coupons into their online ads - so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy couponning!

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