Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Publix trip this week... a scenario building experience

I am registered for the publix preschool club and they sent coupons that compliment the chicken deal... but otherwise you should be able to get the rest of the coupons to go with this deal...

Okay - I am starting with a $10 off $30 from World Market (newspaper ad or here) - applied after the fact, so running OOP is before coupon

I am buying
1 Thermacare Heat Wraps @ 6.99 (Running total: $6.99 value, $6 coupons, .99 OOP)
  • using $3 off printable  & using $3 off Green Advantage Flyer coupon (new flyer - will probably be behind the Cust Service counter) 
1 Johnson & Johnson mini first aid kit $1.49 (Running total $8.48 value, $9.00 coupons, -$.52 oop)
  • using $2 off Green Advantage Flyer coupon and $1.00 Johnson's First Aid RP 1/3
2 Tazo tea products @2.99 each (Running total $14.46 value, $13.00 coupons, $1.46 oop)
  • using 2 $1 printables and 2 $1 Whole Foods Real Deal newsletter coups, picked up from Whole Foods in Mt P at the front door
4 Juicy Juice @ 2/3.65 (Running total $21.76 value, $19 coupons, $2.76 oop)
1 Egg beaters @ $1.40 (Running total $23.16 value, $20 coupons, $3.16 oop)
4 lbs boneless chicken breast @$1.99 lb (Running total $31.12, $21.00 coupons, $11.12 oop)**
  • using $1 off Publix Chicken from Publix Preschool Club coupon
Add in the original $10 off 30 World market coupon and you should have $1.12 approx + tax (Chicken won't be exactly 4 lbs)

*requires multiple computers to print this many target coupons

** this can be substituted for any staple, meat or produce you need at about $7-8 value

If you shop Wednesday, ask your Publix about how they are handling the mystery coupon now - some may give it without the coupon but most will require it... it should be in today's paper... if you want the penny item, it might be worth the investment in today's paper, making your penny item worth the cost of your newspaper + $0.01...

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

A couple of notes...

The Publix at Bees Fairy doesn't carry the $1.49 first aid kits... and you need to buy 2 of the regular first aid products to use the $2 off coupon... its still free or a small overage if you have 2 man. coupons and the Publix Advantage buy coupon. Still had a great trip- $53.27 saved and $2.46 OOP