Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Swapping?

It's great to be able to swap books with friends, but what about widening your circle to include book friends from all over the US who open up their bookshelves to you, and browse your book shelf day and night ... - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

Paperback Swap (PBS) is one great way to save money, swap books and meet like minded readers from ever state!  Not only can you post your books and search the millions of posted books, you can create a wish list, network with other readers, and even swap whole boxes of books!

PBS is a one stop shop - you can print postage, mailing wrappers and more...

Let me tell you how it works -- because it is so easy! I listed a bunch of books on the site (listing 10 books gets the first member in your household free credits!) and I got 2 free book credits to get started. So you can order 2 books right away - free of charge -- and have them mailed directly to you! No strings attached. No gimmicks. No spam mail. Nothing. You just have to love reading books.

When another member selects one of my books that I have listed, I mail it to them. Yes, I pay for the postage. But then I get another book credit and I can select a book that I want. So another Club Member returns the favor and mails me one of his or her books free of charge. For every book I mail out, I get another book in return - a true shared system!

When someone requests one of your books, all you have to do is print two pieces of regular paper from your printer which includes the mailing address and the recommended postage. Apply the postage, and drop it in the mail. Hey, for a typical paperback, you don't even need to go to the post office.

You really need to check this out. And if you do sign up, please click on the PBS logo or click right here! so that I can get a referral bonus of a free book!

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